HBR 4 controlHBR 4 control
PriceEUR 3.425,00
Ident. No. 0020003549
1000 W
  |  200 °C
  |  800 rpm
HB digitalHB digital
PriceEUR 1.271,00
Ident. No. 0020016334
1350 W
  |  180 °C
HB ecoHB eco
PriceEUR 1.020,00
Ident. No. 0020016337
1400 W
  |  99 °C
Heating Baths
IKA heating baths - the best choice when it comes to heating and tempering in the lab. IKA heating baths shine due to their stellar safety characteristics. All baths are equipped with a double jacket for protection against burns and a safety temperature monitor to keep the bath from over heating. Also, the heating bath's safety elements are checked each time it is switched on. IKA baths are universally suitable for use with oil or water. Functionality, safety, and longevity are the main goals in the development of IKA heating baths.